Why It Works? And Others Don’t.

BankBull was designed by actual industry professionals. People in the trenches every day. It’s the one system built to save the one thing we all dont’ have enough of; Time.

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Work together with a company or on your own. Our simple user interface makes it a breeze to quickly enter your income, expenses and assets and start producing reports that you lender will actually value.

Employee Dashboard

Company employees each have their own dashbaord in order to be able to monitor their clients. They can see in a flash how many property(ies) the client has, what type of income they produce and what all the most pertinant numbers are.

Project Management

One thing about applying for loans that no one likes is how long it takes to gather everything. Now both sides are happy because it only takes a few minutes to connect and share access to just about everything they need to know.

"It's so simple, I don't know how people got along without BankBull."

– Brett G.

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